1. the second “rusty”, meant to fool the viewer in a clumsy attempt to replace the former “rusty”, a phenomenon called “the two darrins” in film and tv lexicon, referring to the 2 darrins of “bewitched”, wherein two actors play the same character with no allusion to the change.

    allen brewer, oil on panel, 2013.


    #painting #doubles

  2. winter night, acrylic on manipulated surface, 2014.


  3. small paintings made in an old CHEESE book, playing off of the contextual prompts embedded on the pages. Acrylic on pages, Allen Brewer, 2012-2014.


  4. Simon Evans

  5. Baldessari

  6. hole in the wall, acrylic on panel, 36”x36”. 2014. www.allenbrewer.com

  7. green thumb, acrylic on wood. 2014.

  8. Pesher. 2014. found materials. allen brewer. www.allenbrewer.com

  9. conversationswiththelight:

    Jean Arp in his studio with sculptures

    (Source: de-salva)

  10. allen brewer, THE BOG. acrylic on canvas, 20”x16”, 2013. www.allenbrewer.com