1. Simon Evans

  2. Baldessari

  3. hole in the wall, acrylic on panel, 36”x36”. 2014. www.allenbrewer.com

  4. green thumb, acrylic on wood. 2014.

  5. Pesher. 2014. found materials. allen brewer. www.allenbrewer.com

  6. conversationswiththelight:

    Jean Arp in his studio with sculptures

    (Source: de-salva)

  7. allen brewer, THE BOG. acrylic on canvas, 20”x16”, 2013. www.allenbrewer.com

  8. hyperallergic:

    Allen Brewer, “StudyStudy” (2013) acrylic over oil painting.


    happynewyear! AB

  9. blue infinity. paintings and found objects. 2013: www.allenbrewer.com

  10. tumblropenarts:

    Artist Name: Allen Brewer

    Tumblr: allenbrewer.tumblr.com

    Lips: oil on paper. 9”x12”, 2011. after cutting out the source image (a boy’s silhouette), it was flipped over to reveal a fashion ad crop. more of these at: www.allenbrewer.com